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The Moon and the Skylark.

He finally meets the woman of his dreams and his deepest memories. His wait of five long years finally ends. She is all that he had ever dreamed of. But is she? Why then is he irresistibly drawn towards someone else?. Should he remain loyal to his past or embrace his present?

 My story is a story of self evolvement. From being a procrastinator to being consistent. Growing every day to be my own ideal person. I have not completely evolved, but it is a journey into self and the journey will continue till the last breath.

I believe words create life. They can make or break a person’s life. Words are powerful and life-changing. Now I want to share words to change lives as they have changed mine. Change is always a dominos effect. An inspired person will inspire others. 

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A metaphorical glimpse into life situations
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou