About me

I am Vandana Chandekar, a teacher, an aspiring author, and a digital coach. What can you expect to find in my blog?

  • Tips on writing
  • Tips on reading and creativity
  • Tips on storytelling
  • Tips on self evolvement

Why do I want to talk about these things? Let me share the story behind each of these topics.

Why writing?

My journey from being a teacher to an author began the day I got tired. When life lost meaning and purpose. I was tired of being mediocre, of procrastination, of having dreams and aspirations but never hitting the mark. To have desires but never achieve.

One day, I decided I had enough. I decided to change, to start on a journey from being on point A to Point B. Out of the journey was realized the passion for writing. Stories that I had always loved, stories that had played in my mind always, but never appeared on paper because I never thought that I was good enough. But I developed boldness, the courage to take risks. To work at what I had always wanted. I realized that life is lived only once. In this one life, if we miss out on the chance of doing what we desire, we may not get another chance.

Why reading and storytelling?

A long time ago I read a quote on the T-shirt of a co-passenger in train. “I was born intelligent, education made me dull.” Although it sounds funny, it is unfortunately true. The education system is designed for students to score marks. Concepts of creative thinking and imagination are neglected or are completely absent.

Being a teacher for the past 15 years and having taught students from kindergarten to diploma level, I am a firsthand witness to this. Hence, I made it my mission to develop creative thinking among students.

What better way to develop this than reading and storytelling?

The story of

Vandana Chandekar

 My story is a story of self evolvement. From being a procrastinator to being consistent. Growing every day to be my own ideal person. I have not completely evolved, but it is a journey into self and the journey will continue till the last breath.

I believe words create life. They can make or break a person’s life. Words are powerful and life-changing. Now I want to share words to change lives as they have changed mine. Change is always a dominos effect. An inspired person will inspire others. 

If you are on a journey of growth, then let us journey together.

If you are looking for help for that writer in you, then let me offer a helping hand.

If you are that parent who is looking for meaningful education for your child, then let me help you find it.

“Those who tell the stories, rule society.”


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